VDeo Vegan Deodorant EarthForest


VDeo Vegan Deodorant EarthForest is fragranced with Fir Needle, Cedarwood and Palmerosa essential oils.


EarthForest is reminiscent of being in the middle of a pristine, earthy rainforest. For nature lovers or for those who are drawn to a more grounded/woodland/earthy fragrance. If you want your senses to be transported out of suburbia and into an old growth, woody, mossy rainforest, inhale the aroma of EarthForest. Made with love in my Western Australian EnviroBren Karma Kitchen, VDeo Vegan Deodorant is palm oil free, cruelty free, aluminium free, SLS free and paraben free. VDeo Vegan Deodorant leaves no stains on clothes and will keep you odour free for up to 24 hours. Sustainably packaged in reusable/recyclable glass jars with recyclable aluminium lids, VDeo Vegan Deodorant comes in 120g, 60g, 30g and 20g sizes. Affordably priced at $35.00 for 120g, $18.00 for 60g, $13.00 for 30g and $11.00 for 20g. The 120g jar is the go-to for those who like economy and use their fave VDeo fragrance every day without fail. Leave your 60g jar on your bathroom bench within easy reach after your morning shower. The 30g jar is the perfect size to pop in your gym/yoga bag, backpack or handbag. The mini 20g jar is a great sample size to give as a gift, a thank you pressie or as a trial before going onto the more economical 60g or 120g jars.

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120g, 20g, 30g, 60g


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