Vegan Deodorant For Every Body

Handmade vegan deodorants that are good for your body and the environment.

All VDeo deodorants are made from 100% essential oils andĀ free from aluminium and parabens.


7 fragrances that work great
for men & women

With seven different fragrances to choose from there really is one for every body. Loved by men and women, VDeo is made to keep you smelling great in all climates.

This is a fantastic product. Great for me, perfect for the planet

Perfect for you as you are, in the skin you're in.

VDeo is all about being true to you. We aren’t concerned with with having the perfect body or the picture perfect lifestyle, our deodorants are made for every body.

We want you to be happy just as you are, in the skin you’re in!

Our Stockists


VDeo is available in a wide range of stores

We’re very thankful to all the stores who stock VDeo. If you’d like to sell it in your store please get in touch.